If you have a question that has not been addressed above, please contact us here and we will be more than happy to help.

What can we do to prepare for the trip if we have not been on a canal boat before?2019-10-12T10:41:07+01:00

Canal boat holidays are very enjoyable and interesting holidays but it is important to remember that they are part of a working environment and so care should be taken at all times. If you do live near a canal we suggest a walk along the side of your local canal so that you can see the locks working. Watch what happens; most canal boaters are very happy to explain what is happening.

How do I operate a Lock?2019-10-19T20:17:58+01:00

Many first time boaters do worry about this aspect of the holiday. Provided you take it slowly and understand what is happening it is easy and often a great way of meeting other boaters- see our simple lock operating guide here.

Where can we go?2019-10-19T20:18:22+01:00

Remember that the absolute maximum is 4 miles per hour, and usually it is less than this… so be realistic! Plan your route. See our narrowboat cruising routes page for help on this.

When can we start?2019-10-19T20:18:46+01:00

You can collect your boat anytime after 14:00 on your departure day. We will process the paperwork as quickly as possible, give you your show through and get you on your way once you are all loaded up. Feel free to arrive early and enjoy the delights of our on site Tea Room Café.

When do we return?2019-10-14T10:50:18+01:00

Please be back at the yard by 09:30 and vacate the boat by 10:00 so we can turn the boat round for the next customer. There are good moorings about 30 minutes away from the yard for your last night.

Can we moor anywhere or are there specific places where we have to tie up?2019-10-14T10:50:55+01:00

Yes, you can moor anywhere on the towpath side of the canal, you will also find specific visitor moorings at popular destinations; but not please on bends, under bridges or water points.

Are there plenty of pubs and places to eat along the way?2019-10-14T10:51:31+01:00

Yes, all the routes have a number of waterside and village pubs, which can be easily accessed during your trip.

Do you sell books and maps?2019-10-14T10:51:49+01:00

Yes we have a selection on sale here, covering all the possible routes from this base.

Will the toilet need pumping out during our holiday?2019-10-14T10:52:14+01:00

Depending which boat you are on will depend on how many toilet tanks it will have, some have a greater capacity than others and of course it depends how much you use it.

Have we got enough fuel for our trip?2019-10-14T10:54:09+01:00

Yes you have enough fuel for at least a two-week trip.  However, if you choose to undertake a two week or more cruise which involves more than about 8 hours per day, (including engine tick over at the end of the day) you will be responsible for any extra fuel costs involved.  Fuel filling points can be some distance apart it will be your responsibility to check the levels.

Can we bring bikes?2019-10-14T10:55:01+01:00

Yes, you can bring a maximum of two bicycles.

Is there a Supermarket nearby?2019-10-14T10:55:35+01:00

Yes, We have a very good local shop just up the road and Tesco is about 5 minutes by car, or travel north by boat for a unique shopping experience. Moor by bridge 58 and walk into Tesco.

Can we bring more than one car?2019-10-14T10:55:55+01:00

We ask wherever possible that you restrict the number of cars you bring to a minimum due to space available, however we do understand that on the larger boats it is not always possible to all fit in one car.

Can we fish while on holiday?2019-10-14T10:56:40+01:00

Yes you can fish from the boat, providing you have a rod license.

Can we bring pets on holiday?2019-10-14T10:57:04+01:00

Yes, we do not charge for up to 2 dogs but please ensure they do not climb on furniture. More than 2 dogs will be charged and by arrangement ONLY.

Do I bring suitcases?2019-10-14T10:58:02+01:00

Best avoided, space on a narrow boat is limited. Folding holdalls or crates are a great idea or leave the suitcase in the car.

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